Branch Christmas Trees: A Complete Guide

Decorating is an exciting part of any holiday. What better way to celebrate Christmas than to display a beautiful holiday tree? Commercial Christmas trees add a festive touch to businesses, municipalities, sports facilities, individual properties, and amusement parks. Branch Christmas trees embody classic styling for detail-oriented customers and hard-core traditionalists and make a great addition to commercial properties, holiday light show displays, or town centers. This article contains a complete guide to branch trees’ basics, benefits and limitations, costs, alternatives, and available options.

Branch Christmas Tree Basics

Commercial branch trees are reminiscent of the artificial trees found in many homes. They consist of a central steel frame fitted with radiating needle-covered branches.

Branch trees feel familiar, and customers may naturally gravitate to them. That said, consumers must evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of branch trees before choosing them for their displays.

Benefits and Limitations

Customers who purchase branch trees find that they offer the following advantages and disadvantages:


Traditional, familiar style

Professional assembly and installation recommended
Greenery that appears festive in daylight when lights are off

Requires “fluffing” of branches at setup and periodically throughout display
DecoratableOrnamentation limited by the strength of boughs
Available up to 100 feet in heightHeight may make branch details irrelevant
Realistic greeneryNon-collapsible
Pre-litDifficult to store
Available with Smart LightingMore expensive than panel trees

Why Customers Choose Branch Trees

Branch Christmas trees offer familiarity in their traditional shapes and individual branches. When assembled, the trees have an upside-down ice cream cone appearance, and unlike other options, such as panel trees, branch Christmas trees are three-dimensional.

For these reasons, consumers often gravitate towards the branch Christmas trees, even when other options are preferable. 

The Costs

Holiday Outdoor Decor, a leader in the holiday decorating industry, offers exceptionally detailed branch Christmas trees with various lighting options. The company’s Branch Christmas trees are pre-lit, customized, and guaranteed to last for many seasons. Prices depend on tree size and lighting options. Contact a Holiday Outdoor Design Consultant for your custom quote.

The detail created in a branch tree contributes to its cost. Branch Christmas trees are the most expensive in comparison to other commercial options.

So Many Choices!

Customers have many options from which to choose in the Holiday Outdoor Decor digital catalog. Trees range from 12 feet for $5,770 to 50 feet in height for approximately $157,000. Extended branches and more tips enable Holiday Outdoor Decor to increase the number of lights in these branch trees by 50%. The table below shows item numbers, sizes, lamps, and pricing for branch trees.

Holiday Outdoor Decor’s Branch Trees

T-12-C712' Tree, 8' Base516, C7$5,770
T-14-C714’ Tree, 9’ Base

708, C-7


16’ Tree, 10’ Base

948, C-7

18’ Tree, 11’ Base
1,236, C-7

20’ Tree, 12’ Base
1,596, C-7
22’ Tree, 13’ Base

2,028, C-7
24’ Tree, 14’ Base

2,532, C-7
26’ Tree, 15’ Base

3,108, C-7

28’ Tree, 16’ Base
3,756, C-7
30’ Tree, 17’ Base

4,476, C-7

32’ Tree, 18’ Base
5,268, C-7

34’ Tree, 19’ Base

6,132, C-7

36’ Tree, 20’ Base

7,068, C-7
38’ Tree, 21’ Base

8,076, C-7

40’ Tree, 22’ Base

9,156, C-7
42’ Tree, 23’ Base

10,308, C-7
44’ Tree, 24’ Base

11,532, C-7

46’ Tree, 25’ Base

12,828, C-7
48’ Tree, 26’ Base

14,196, C-7
50’ Tree, 27’ Base

15,636, C-7

Weighing Your Options

Though branch trees arguably offer the most realistic appearance, different types of trees are often preferable for commercial use. Trees of Lights, made of light strands radiating out from a central pole, provide no foliage but pack a lot of nighttime impact in displays. These trees are easy to install, take down, and store, providing a less problematic, more affordable option to branch Christmas trees. 

Perhaps the best overall commercial tree option is the panel tree. A panel tree consists of a steel frame wrapped in garlands that may be lighted and decorated with ornamentation. Up to 100 feet in height, a panel tree’s size may be increased in increments of four feet.

Panel trees are more substantial than their branch counterparts, making decorating easier. In the off-season, panel trees may remain decorated. These trees do not require the “fluffing” that branch trees do. In addition, panel trees are easily collapsible and need much less storage space than branch tree options.

Branching Out 

For those who wish to consider options other than traditional branch Christmas trees, Holiday Outdoor Decor recommends their panel trees to clients who want to wow their audience. With options prelit for the evenings that simply need to be plugged in, panel Christmas trees are easy to install and enjoy just about anywhere. These trees offer a significant impact with minimal effort and can bring community members together in the warmth of the holidays. So much about panel trees is customizable, from their height to their appearance and tech, making these trees a viable option for just about anyone wanting to add impact to their holiday display.

In addition to offering traditionally-lit panel trees, Holiday Outdoor Decor offers exciting options fueled by new technology, including dramatic color changes, lights and displays synched to music, and smart lighting. 

Some of the latest technologies allow users to program trees with dramatic color and customizable design combinations. One of Holiday Outdoor Decor’s popular panel tree options is Rileigh’s Smart Tree, which permits customers to program content, set showtimes, and synchronize RGB LED lights to music. 

Making Your Branch Tree Smarter

Many exciting lighting options exist for those desiring a traditional branch Christmas tree. Like Rileigh’s Smart Tree panel option, the Outdoor LED Pixel Pine Smart Tree wows audiences as an LED pixel Christmas tree that syncs to music. The pixels are sequenced to pre-loaded songs, creating a perfectly choreographed light show. 

The Bottom Line

Branch Christmas trees appeal to Holiday traditionalists. They are a great decorating option for those who value realistic branch appearances and desire trees that look like those found in homes. 

The many available commercial Christmas tree options deserve a careful look. Explore the numerous exciting branch, lighting, and structural alternatives when planning your holiday display. You are sure to brighten your enjoyment of the season through a branch tree, a panel tree, or a tree of lights. After all, there is nothing more festive and inviting than a beautiful Christmas tree radiating the warmth and joy of the season.

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