Leasing With Holiday Outdoor Decor

Leasing With Holiday Outdoor Decor

At Holiday Outdoor Decor, we have a large selection of holiday decorations, banners and lighting available for sale. Some of our products are also available for lease. Shopping centers and towns both choose to get their decorations through us by buying or leasing them.

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The Advantage of Buying Your
Commercial Christmas Decorations

When you purchase your commercial Christmas decorations from Holiday Outdoor Decor, you get our excellent service with turn-key convenience. With our purchase program, you can enjoy our most popular benefits and services:

  • You own the display¬†
  • Expand your portfolio of assets

Across our territories:

  • We do the installation¬†
  • We remove the displays after the holidays
  • We maintain the decorations¬†

We serve those who purchase from us long after the sale. For more details about purchasing holiday decorations, call us today.

The Advantage of Leasing Your
Commercial Christmas Decorations

(Services only available for most parts of Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, and Florida and all of New Jersey and Delaware.)

Leasing is practical and convenient - we do the work while you enjoy the benefits:

  • We do the installation
  • We remove the displays after the holidays
  • We carry the insurance
  • We maintain and refurbish the decorations
  • We completely re-lamp the displays each year
  • We give you a new look each year


We boast around 40,000 square feet of storage, more than 8000 pole units, thousands of silhouette ground units, dozens of trees, hundreds of wreaths and miles of garland - all available for lease. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that our leasing services are exceptional. In fact, we have customers that have been leasing our products for more than 20 years - further evidence of the great service we offer.

At Holiday Outdoor Decor, we offer lease programs tailored to meet your budget. Call us today to learn more.


Customer Satisfaction

Holiday Outdoor Decor takes pride in having served satisfied customers for more than 30 years. You will find our customer service personnel to be courteous, professional and helpful. Our display consultants work diligently to provide you with a holiday display to truly mesmerize all who see it. Our production team thoroughly inspects every display item before installation so that all lights are in working order. Our professional installation crew works fast and safely to provide the least inconvenience to all. We're proud of our outstanding reputation and record of providing quality-built, well-designed products backed by our warranties and service.

Holiday Outdoor Decor sells, leases and installs commercial Christmas decorations, banners, lights and more.


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