Panel Christmas Trees: A Complete Guide

Holidays mean garland and lights, ornaments, stars, and – most of all – beautiful Christmas trees. Panel trees represent one of the easiest ways to get a large, natural-appearing Christmas tree that’s simple to install and maintain. These trees are a wonderful addition to commercial properties, holiday light show displays, or town centers. This complete guide explains the basics, benefits, costs, and available options of panel Christmas trees.

The Basics of Panel Christmas Trees

A panel tree consists of steel frames in four-foot sections, with garland-covered panels that mount to its edges. Garland gives panel trees a lush, natural appearance. This greenery makes panel trees attractive during the day, even when they are unlit.  Panel trees are perfect for large ornaments, because heavy decorations may be permanently secured to the panel.  

Benefits and Limitations

Panel trees offer all of a natural tree’s beauty along with several added perks. Customers who buy panel trees may notice the following benefits and limitations:

Strength – solid steel frames provide balance, structural integrity, and durability.
Appearance – Some customers prefer a more realistic branch tree appearance.
Ease of use – simpler to install than branch trees.
Daytime impact – undecorated, a panel tree may appear plain during the daytime when unlit.
Affordability – much less expensive than other tree options (branch trees)
Versatility – festive during the day, breathtaking when lit at night.
Customization – may be decorated with ornaments to customize their look to match any theme or color scheme.
Adjustability – choose the size of your tree, from 14 feet to 100 feet tall; you can adjust the height by four foot (4’) increments.
Simple storage – uncomplicated take-down and easy to store postseason.

The Costs

Panel trees make the ideal centerpiece for a commercial display, as they lend themselves to growth over time. Holiday Outdoor Decor, one of the nation’s top suppliers of commercial holiday lighting products, recommends their panel trees to clients who want to wow their audience. There are many sizes of panel trees from which to choose in the Holiday Outdoor Decor digital catalog. As you can imagine, the cost of a panel tree depends on its size. For example, Holiday Outdoor Decor’s Self-Standing Panel Tree starts as small as 14’, with a retail price of $6,630, and goes to a potential height of 50’, retailing at $106,535. All pricing includes LED lamps, for breathtaking lighting with less power consumption and environmental impact. The table below shows item numbers, sizes, lamps, and pricing for panel trees.

Holiday Outdoor Decor’s Self-Standing Panel Trees 


14’ Tree, 8’ Base
435, C-7
18’ Tree, 10’ Base

680, C-7

22’ Tree, 12’ Base
995, C-7
T-26P26’ Tree, 14.5’ Base

1325, C-7
T-30P30’ Tree, 16.5’ Base

1780, C-7
T-34P34’ Tree, 18.5’ Base

2305, C-7
T-38P38’ Tree, 21’ Base
2900, C-7

T-42P42’ Tree, 23’ Base
3600, C-7

T-46P46’ Tree, 25’ Base

4345, C-7
T-50P50’ Tree, 27’ Base

5200, C-7

Additional Discounts

Holiday Outdoor Decor offers discounts throughout the year. The following table outlines the company’s yearly discount structure:

33% off

January - February
25% off

March - May
15% off

June - August
10% off


So Many Options!

In addition to traditionally-lit panel trees, Holiday Outdoor Decor offers Christmas tree options fueled by new technology. These exciting trees feature dramatic color changes, lights and displays synched to music, and smart lighting. 

Some of the newest technologies allow users to program trees with dramatic color and customizable design combinations. One of Holiday Outdoor Decor’s popular tree options is the Rileigh’s Smart Tree, which permits customers to program content, set showtimes, and synchronize RGB LED lights to music. Rileigh’s Smart Trees range in height from 14’-50’. Upgrading a regular panel tree to a smart tree would require considerable cost and time. It would be best to purchase a Smart Tree initially rather than upgrade.

Should You Buy a Panel Christmas Tree?

Holiday Outdoor Decor, one of the nation’s top suppliers of commercial holiday lighting products, offers several types of Christmas trees from which customers can choose: Panel Trees, Branch Trees, Garland Trees, and Trees of Lights. 

Each type of tree offers unique benefits. Branch trees have extremely realistic tips that can hold lighting. In comparison, garland trees are wonderful to use for grouping as support trees within a display. For some customers, trees of tights, which consist of a central pole and light strands, are a cost-effective way to add considerable nighttime impact to a display. Browse the digital catalog to explore all of the options! 

Panel trees provide an affordable choice with the appearance of an evergreen tree and the flexibility to size up. Each of these trees may be sized up in four-foot increments at any time. Additional panels allow customers to start at a size that is comfortable for their budgets, while maintaining the option to grow their display through the years.

The Bottom Line

With options pre-lit for the evenings that simply need to be plugged in, panel Christmas trees are easy to install and enjoy just about anywhere. These trees offer a significant impact with minimal effort and can bring community members together in the warmth of the holidays. So much about panel trees is customizable, from their height to their appearance and tech. Panel Christmas trees a viable option for just about anyone wanting to add impact to their holiday display!


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