Holiday Light Show

  • comparing lease or purchase options

    Should You Lease or Purchase Your Holiday Light Show?

    If you’ve downloaded our Business Plan for Holiday Light Shows template, you’ve likely noticed that your highest expense would be for purchasing the display. While costs vary, we’ve plugged a placeholder into our template for $660,000, the approximate cost of purchasing an average commercial display. For some, the purchasing cost is a formidable figure. As an alternative to purchasing, many companies today are opting to lease their displays. Should you lease or purchase your holiday light show? Here’s how to decide. Because of the high costs of owning and operating displays, many organizations opt to lease. Leasing offers advantages that owning does not, including lower monthly payments typically spread over…

  • Holiday Light Show Business Plan Image

    The Ultimate Guide to Building a Holiday Light Show Business Plan

    Holiday Light Shows are big business. But if you want yours to be a successful enterprise, you’ll need a holiday light show business plan. Keep reading to learn how to build one. Commercial light shows not only offer Covid-conscious holiday options, they also provide substantial upside potential for the organizations hosting them. Each event is unique, but here are several key benefits commercial light shows offer: Attracting new customers. For attractions that are already open for the season, a commercial lightshow gives customers a new reason to visit for the first time, or to return during the off season. Increasing social media presence. Holiday light shows provide perfect photo opportunities…

  • Cool Effect Lights at the Maryland Zoo

    The Maryland Zoo Light Show: Offsetting Carbon Emissions

    Since 1876, folks have been visiting the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. Nearly 200 species roam the 135-plus acre zoo. The Maryland Zoo is the third oldest zoo in the country. Its mission is “to inspire people to engage in conservation and advocacy of wildlife.” The Maryland Zoo Light Show doesn’t just show the Zoo in a special light – it’s also good for the environment. Keep reading to learn more. Over the years, the zoo weathered its share of tough times. In Spring 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic temporarily closed the facility and subsequently impacted ticket sales. In April of that year, Kirby Fowler became the zoo’s CEO. Kirby and his…

  • Halloween-themed wall with an arch. A goblin, skeleton, and a pumpkin are pictured on both sides

    Holiday Light Shows

    Extend your operating season and increase revenue by turning your destination into a year-round celebration for family memories and fun with holiday light shows from Holiday Outdoor Decor – all viewed from a safe driving or walking distance! Holiday Outdoor Decor will enhance the beauty and financial success of any seasonal holiday or community celebration with custom displays and superior quality lighting products, such as our: Traditional Christmas decorations Designer Series of animated light displays Sparkling giants for family portraits Halloween lights and fiberglass displays Traditional Christmas Decorations – For Christmas decorations, our Traditional Series of lighting products and displays are constructed of steel with a powder coating for added durability.…

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