NeverDim™ Indoor and Outdoor Lights

Battery-powered LED lights give you endless indoor and outdoor decorating possibilities!

NeverDim™ - Wreathe Installation Test

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What to Expect From the NeverDim™ Lighting System

When you rely on NeverDim™ for your commercial interior and exterior lighting projects, you can depend on the system's consistency to exceed your expectations. Each NeverDim™ battery pack gives you the following benefits:


  • Predictable daily run time based on the number of low-voltage 2D battery packs and bulb count
  • Multiple bulb color possibilities, including cool and warm white glows, as well as multi-hue strings
  • Constant illumination for your lighting's entire run time period without fading, dimming or winking
  • Weather-resistant battery pack construction engineered for safe use in most climates
  • An unnoticeable controller allowing you to set the on-off timing of your newly installed lights
  • Endless decorating possibilities with up to 480 vibrant lights per NeverDim™ battery pack run


Why trust any other system to keep your inside or outside lights glowing? Count on NeverDim™ for all your commercial lighting needs.

Businesses, municipalities, and community-based associations regularly use lighting for a wide variety of purposes. Lighting can elevate the curb appeal of a retail store or help a neighborhood celebrate a special season. Lights evoke specific moods, offering a multitude of opportunities for creativity. Additionally, well-arranged lights can add to the safety features of an area by making walkways more visible.

If you want to add light to your indoor or outdoor spaces without the worry or need for available outlets, discover NeverDim™.

With NeverDim™ technology, you have the ability and freedom to place lights anywhere. Whether you want to light up the trees in a park or wreaths along a fence, you can make your decorating dreams a reality.

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NeverDim™ - Product Instructions
NeverDim™ - Run Time Chart

The NeverDim™ run time chart provides guidance on the number of battery packs required to power a specific number of lights based on desired timer duration.

Smart Programmable Lighting

Effortlessly Achieve the Lighting Effects You Need

It's time to boost your indoor and outdoor decorating schemes. With NeverDim™, you can quickly and reliably change the dusk and nighttime appearance of the landscape or specific objects.

Transform basic door or window wreaths into glimmering ornaments. Light up hearth decor around a beautifully appointed fireplace in your building's lobby. Turn a gazebo without access to power into an evening beacon. You're only limited by your imagination when you have commercial-grade NeverDim™ battery packs and lights.

Enjoy Commercial Lighting Year-Round With NeverDim™

Year-end holidays including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukah have long been associated with inside and outside lighting. However, you don't have to limit your lighting designs to the late fall or winter season.

NeverDim™ allows you to think beyond standard seasonal celebrations and expand your decorating throughout the calendar. Plus, you can switch up the look and feel of any NeverDim™ strand of bulbs by switching to a different color. Why not maximize the aesthetics of your commercial property month after month with exceptional lighting solutions?

To learn more about NeverDim™ or to place your order, get in touch with Holiday Outdoor Decor to arrange a consultation. All initial appointments are free of charge, allowing us to help you find the right products for your upcoming lighting project. Contact us today to get started!

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