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Traditional Series - Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Transform your business, property or city center with out Traditional Series of décor. Including Pole Mounts, Lamp Post Displays, Arches, Ground Displays, Building Front Wreaths and Skyline Displays. Our Traditional Series of décor consists of commercial grade steel, LED lights and industry best in manufacturing, guaranteeing a beautiful display for your celebration.

Pole mounted decorations are designed to achieve maximum visibility. These traditional Christmas decorations for downtown districts have built-in lighting and bright colors that will make any city street or business facade feel warmer, radiant and more inviting.

Lamppost displays turn your landscaping lighting fixtures into recognizable signs of the season. We have a large variety to choose from, including wreaths, bows and light-up displays with classic images like snowflakes, snowmen, ornaments and candy canes.

Make a statement with our cross-street Skyline displays. Creating attractive cross-street skyline displays, including options like garland for daytime use and light-up traditional Christmas decorations for downtown areas that are bright, clear and visible at night.

Ground displays offer a colorful, bright way to decorate the landscape. Our selection includes silhouette figures, animated displays designed to simulate movement and complete sets that will complement your theme, including carolers, snowmen, elves, ice skaters and many others.

Create a dramatic entry portal to your winter wonderland!

Our building front wreaths are made of lush Mountain Pine Garland. Available sizes include 3'-8' but custom sizes up to 15' available!

Traditional Outdoor Christmas Decorations for Commercial and Municipal Use

We are a premier distributor of high-quality traditional commercial Christmas decorations made in the USA. Our team works exclusively with commercial businesses and municipal entities looking to add festive holiday cheer, including individual properties, sports facilities, downtown districts and commercial and public parks.

We are also the region's top partner for the design, installation, maintenance, teardown and storage of all your traditional Christmas decor. Our experts have the skill, experience, and advanced technological resources to develop an ideal custom solution.

An Expansive Selection of Holiday Lighting Ground Displays

Our complete product catalog covers everything you need to shape any exterior space into a beautiful, welcoming winter wonderland. You can let us know the design you have in mind or consult with the experts for the best products and layout based on your property and other unique needs.

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