Holiday Light Shows for Senior Living

Displaying lights during the holiday season is as old as the holidays themselves. Light functions in different ways in dark, cold months; it is an inspiring, uplifting element during the winter solstice and a decorative way to brighten our seasonal decor. For many, including those in retirement communities, light plays a significant role in the warm feeling of the holidays.  And when it comes bringing warmth and nostalgia to an appreciate audience, few activities go further than holiday lights shows for senior living.

Senior living communities that feature light displays reap benefits for their residents and organizations. Holiday displays give residents a sense of community and a time to remember past holidays. In addition, community displays offer powerful marketing to show your campus in a new and exciting way.

Community Within a Community

We are part of a community. We often form bonds with people we meet throughout our day. Small interactions give us a sense of belonging and help us feel secure. The opportunity to create new relationships is vital to our happiness throughout our lives. 

The holidays grant a prime opportunity for folks to get together. A beautiful display of lights and greenery encourages residents to gather and feel that they are a part of a communal celebration. Residents make new memories while having the opportunity to share memories of holidays past.

Senior living communities understand the necessity of intentionally building welcoming cultures into their “product” – the experience, itself. Holiday light shows allow senior living residents to share some holiday magic with family. Imagine the excitement residents would have, taking grandchildren through a festive display. Residents would share stories, have holiday fun, and make new memories.

Pausing to Reflect With Holiday Light Shows for Senior Living

The holidays give seniors time to reflect on their lives and remember the Christmases, Hanukkah, or New Years’ past. Holidays bring nostalgia, and people everywhere pause to appreciate their blessings while remembering good times of the past. Even if memories are impaired, the holidays offer seniors a chance to create new memories. 

Many wintertime holidays have a basis on religion and faith. Religious seniors may participate in thanksgiving and worship, and experience comfort in the rituals of the holiday season. Traditional manger or Christmas tree displays are familiar symbols of hope and faith.

Holiday light shows for senior living bring these feelings of faith and hope directly to the campus.. As families visit, lighted displays offer a warm backdrop for seniors to engage with family members. Holiday visits bring fond memories while offering seniors opportunities to benefit from face-to-face contact. It’s nice when family members send emails, chat, or social media, but nothing replaces the love of a warm smile, physical hug, or kiss at Christmastime.

Marketing Independent Living Units With Holiday Light Shows for Senior Living

The beauty of holiday displays draws us in. Holiday lights are a hopeful reminder that Christmas and the fresh start of a new year are just around the corner. Retirement communities’ holiday displays spread joy and wonder beyond their campuses, and surrounding community members are sure to appreciate the charm. 

And for those communities selling marketing new independent units, holiday light shows for senior living allow marketers to show off the campus in its best light (or lights!). In addition to the priceless gifts that holiday displays offer residents, lighted displays also allow retirement communities to boost public relations and prospect future residents by making the campus bright and cheerful. There are several ways for senior living communities to benefit from hosting a holiday display:

Invite the community!

Host an open house or offer light show display hours where the community can come to enjoy the beauty of your campus. Some senior living communities partner with others to provide holiday events that coincide with their light shows: craft fairs, running races, fundraisers, or visits with Santa are just a few ideas. 

As community members tour, they experience your senior living campus as a bright, inviting place. The holidays are a perfect time to boost interest in your community.

Set the Tone for Tours

Even if you choose not to invite the community, your organization can still utilize the display to its marketing advantage. In many areas, the winter months are dull and gray, making tours of your campus lackluster. Holiday displays add life to an otherwise drab landscape. During the daytime, bows and greenery add warmth; in the evenings, lights bring your campus to life with your display aglow.

Holiday displays grant you the opportunity to grow your business while giving back to residents and the surrounding community. They are indeed a win-win!

One Senior Living Community’s Experience

Holiday Outdoor Decor, the exciting integration of three of the most experienced companies in the holiday decorating industry, is a distributor for some of the top manufacturers of quality outdoor decorations products in the country. The company has designed and produced custom commercial displays for over 100 years. Recently, Holiday Outdoor Decor provided Garden Spot Village with a beautiful Christmas display enjoyed by residents, their families, and the surrounding community. Read more about Holiday Outdoor Decor’s benefits to retirement communities and view a video of the Garden Spot Village display here.

Holiday Light Shows for Senior Living: The Final Word

Each holiday season grants an opportunity to celebrate and connect with friends and with memories of the past. Retirement communities stand to benefit residents, their families, and the surrounding community when sharing the beauty of a holiday display. 

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