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ABOUT US: Holiday Outdoor Decor

Holiday Outdoor Decor represents the exciting integration of five of the most experienced companies in the holiday decorating industry. Keep reading about our unique mission and legacies!

Holiday Outdoor Decor believes in the triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Profits.


Our concern for others means we are careful to ensure worker and community safety throughout all that we do. We also offer competitive wages to our employees. We also invest in our communities with direct financial support for local sports teams, the arts, and other non-profits.  Want to learn more about how to receive financial or in-kind donations?  Contact us at info@holidayoutdoordecor.com!


We also look out for our home - the planet. At Holiday Outdoor Decor, we strive to make light shows carbon neutral. We accomplish this by measuring the carbon footprint of events or displays, then funding equal-value mitigation projects to make the event carbon neutral.

To determine a display’s environmental impact, several categories of carbon emissions may be calculated, including: power consumption during the event, the manufacturing process of the equipment, and the logistics of transportation - including freight and visitor emissions.

Holiday lights and celebratory displays are a beautiful way to bring joy to people’s hearts. Knowing it is possible to celebrate while helping others and the planet only increases the reward for all.


Certainly, Holiday Outdoor Decor, like any company, must earn a profit. Profits keep a company alive. We need profits to distribute fair returns to our investors, and to invest in tomorrow’s capabilities so we can continue to deliver best-of-class service to our customers.

A Blending of Brilliance

Holiday Outdoor Decor came into existence in 2021, with the integration of three companies with distinct histories operating in unique regions, Rileighs Outdoor Decor, Clark Sales Display, and Temple Display. We've since grown to include Arnett Marketing, Christmas Designers Florida, Northern Lights Display and Vogel Display.

About Arnett Marketing

Arnett Marketing, based in San Antonio, TX was founded in 1984 by Betty Arnett. For over 38 years, Arnett has been the leading full-service provider for the state of Texas and surrounding areas. Arnett specializes in Commercial Christmas decorations, seasonal displays, banners, and lighting needs.

Arnett is a BuyBoard Approved Vendor and has provided the absolute best quality products at the best possible prices. Arnett has designed and decorated local Main Streets, Cities, Municipal Buildings, Chambers of Commerce, Parks, Shopping Centers, and more with their exciting variety of Commercial Decor.

About Rileighs Outdoor Decor

Rileighs was founded in 1921 by Sam Rileigh. Originally located in Kingston, PA, Rileighs began as a window display company, serving local drug stores throughout central and eastern Pennsylvania.

In the 1930s, Rileighs expanded to a display materials business, selling decorations and fixtures. The successful venture allowed Rileighs to open five additional stores throughout the state, including Allentown, Pa. In the 1950s, the company became Rileighs, Inc. and began selling outdoor Christmas decorations to municipalities, shopping centers, and local businesses. The company eventually expanded to provide decorations to trade shows and party supply stores.

Today, Rileighs Outdoor Decor is the leader in commercial outdoor Christmas decorations, holiday lights, banners, flags, and more. We credit our employees to our success by striving to provide the best quality products and service to the customers we serve.

Rileighs - Advertisement - Oldest Display Service in Pennsylvania
Please enjoy one of our advertisements from 1946 (above). As of 2021, we proudly celebrate 100 years of service!

About Clark Sales Display

Further south from PA-based Rileighs is the original home of Clark Sales Display, in Tavares, Florida. The family-owned company was founded by the Clark family in 1983, and was purchased by son, Lee Clark and his wife in 2002.

As a leader in Holiday lighting sales and service, Clark Sales Display offered seasonal lighting displays, full turnkey decorating services, custom banners, and more. The company also maintained the largest rental inventory of holiday displays in Florida.

About Temple Display

Located in Oswego, Illinois, Temple Display has the capabilities to coordinate everything from initial designs and fabrication to complete installation, maintenance and storage. For more than 30 years, we’ve been committed to providing our customers exciting decorations, outstanding service and quality products. And, we are proud to say that all decor is made in the USA!

Temple Display has decorated cities, buildings, parks and communities throughout the country with quality decorations at exceptional prices. No other display company can match our personalized service, comprehensive product warranties and innovative designs.


Holiday Outdoor Decor is a distributor for some of the top manufacturers of quality, outdoor decorations in the country.

Besides offering top notch product support, our staff is ready to assist you with:

  • installation
  • mounting hardware
  • lamp post decorations
  • pre-owned products
  • custom displays
  • graphic design needs

If you are interested in learning more about newer technologies such as solar power displays and programmable lighting fixtures, we would be happy to share with you our knowledge and experience with these as well!

Quality Service

Our friendly sales professionals and in-house graphic designers are some of  the most experienced in the industry. Their extensive product knowledge and dedication to quality service will help you create a top-quality display that meets your budget.

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