Specialty Lighting

LED Lighting

Specialty Lighting

Rope Lighting

Intelligent Lighting Neon

Incandescent - 120V - 13mm
Clear-150' 2 accessory packs
Colors 300' 4 accessory packs
LED - 120V - 13mm
150' 3 accessory packs

LED Strobe Light

Intelligent Lighting Strobe Light

Cool White
Candelabra Base

Rope Lighting Colors Available

Warm White - Cool White - Green - Purple - Blue - Pink - Orange - Yellow - Red

LED Icicle Lighting

Intelligent Lighting LED Icicles

Individual icicle bulbs screw into light cord sockets. Each steady burn bulb contains 7 LED diodes. Cascading Icicle bulbs contain 8 LEDS (5" length) and 16 LEDS (7" & 9" length) to create a moving effect.

Snowfall Tubes

Intelligent Lighting Specialty Snowfall Tubes
Create Snowfall Effect. No Transformers needed.
Each set contains: Five (5) 36" tubes spaced 6' a part - 16 gauge cord set with end connector

Colors Available

Warm White - Cool White - Blue - Red - Amber - Green

Specialty Lighting

Pastel Hanging Spheres

Intelligent Lighting Hanging Spheres

Create magic on your patio with these pastel spheres!

Pink Garden Orbs

Intelligent Lighting Garden Orbs

More magic with these pink garden orbs.

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