Mini LED

LED Lighting

Commercial Grade Mini LED Lights

70 lights per set with 5 1/2" spacing between lamps - 12" lead
Total Length 33' - End to end connectors - Plastic non-breakable bulbs
Quantity Discounts Available

C6 Lens

Use for bushes and evergreen trees. Produces a full glow.

M5 Lens Mini Light Sets

Use for draping trees & bushes. Our most versatile LED set.

Wide Angle Lens Mini Light Sets

Use for wrapping limbs on trees. Produces a strong, intense light.

Incandescent Lighting

Mini Lights Lock


Lamp Lock feature prevents lamps from becoming loose and breaking contact with socket.

Incandescent Lights

Mini Light Incandescent

2 Gauge Wire
UL Standards
Extra Bright
Long Life Lamps
Lamp Lock feature

Clear ------ Red
Blue ----- Green
Pink ----- Purple
Gold ------ Teal

Professional Grade
Mini Light Repair Box


Allows you to repair defective light sets by isolating bad bulbs and fuses. Not for use with LED sets.

How Many Mini Lights to Use?

Mini Lights on Deciduous Trees

12 ft. Tree --- 250 Lights
15 ft. Tree --- 350 Lights
20 ft. Tree --- 500 Lights
25 ft. Tree --- 650 Lights
30 ft. Tree --- 800 Lights

Mini Lights on Pine Trees

4 ft. Tree --- 100 Lights
5 ft. Tree --- 150 Lights
6 ft. Tree --- 200 Lights
7 ft. Tree --- 200 Lights
PLUS 50 lights for each foot above 6ft.

Specialty Lighting at Storybook Land

Specialty Lighting Storybook Land
Mini Light LED Tree Home
Mini Light LED Tree Park

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