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What makes our Minleon LED Lighting Products so Great?

It’s time to see your lighting in a whole new light!

After years of providing outstanding quality LED lighting products Nationwide we have determined that the Minleon LED lamps are of the highest commercial quality and are what we use exclusively in all our LED lighted holiday displays.

One Benefit of Minleon LED lamps are they fit directly into your existing sockets – no additional hardware rectifier to purchase.

Patented MINLEON LED replacement bulbs are famous with FIVE ADVANTAGES…

  • Energy saving – you save more than 80% energy
  • Long lasting – you save labor to replace ineffective bulbs
  • Unbreakable – you protect environment better
  • Waterproof – no worry on outdoor decor
  • Cool to touch – no heat, no fire hazard

LED Bulbs

Technical specification details

  • Features
    • At 0.58W per bulb, pulls less power than competitors- so we can run more bulbs per
    string (E12 & E17 bases) – (0.8W E27 bases)
    • More LED’s than competitors:
    • C7 & E12 base options – 2 LEDs & 6 chips per bulb
    • C9 & E17 base options – 3 LEDs & 6 chips per bulb
  • E26 base options – 5 LEDs & 6 chips per bulb
    • Since they draw less power, Minleon SMD-LED’s last longer
    • Unbreakable Polystyrene with Polycarbonate
    • Dimmable
    • IP65, outdoor rated
  • Lamp styles available: C9, C7, S11, T50/S14, G20, G30, G40, G50, F7 & Mini Light Strings m5 & Wide Angle 5mm.  Icicle Lights & Snowfall Tubes

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