Outdoor Street & Pavilion Lighting

Outdoor Street & Pavilion Lighting

An Illuminating way to Increase traffic to your Downtown with Overhead Outdoor Lighting...all Year! 

Create a festive atmosphere with beautiful decorative lighting! Light up downtown main streets, gazebos, retail walkways, event tents, outdoor patios and more! Factory-molded, formulated PVC sockets on heavy-duty wire form a tight weather-resistant seal around bulbs. Suitable for indoor and outdoor commercial applications.

Let Holiday Outdoor Decor become your source for exquisite lighting.

pavilion lighting
pavilion lighting
outdoor street lighting

Product Specs

  • At Holiday Outdoor Decor, we offer outdoor street & pavilion lighting to help commercial areas and businesses light up their spaces. We offer 3 different lengths of wire to best suit your project size, including:
    • 330' spool: For larger projects, we offer a 330-foot spool with E26 medium-based sockets, 24-inch spacing and 1250 watts max. This spool has 165 sockets and is also available with in-line or suspended sockets.
    • 100' kit: For medium-sized projects, we offer a 100 foot kit. It has E26 medium-based sockets, 24-inch spacing and 1250 watts max. The 100' kit has 50 sockets with a cuttable string and is also available with in-line or suspended sockets.
    • 48' kit: For smaller projects, under 100 feet, we have a 48 foot kit with E26 medium-based sockets, 24-inch spacing and 1200 watts max. This kit has 24 sockets and is also available with in-line or suspended sockets.

    Bulbs sold separately. Many options are available to ensure you receive lights that best suit your project's aesthetic.

Why Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting will make your main street and businesses stand out from the rest. These beautiful lights add a festive and warm feeling to your outdoor atmosphere while providing enough light you need at night. Having decorative lighting offers many benefits, such as:

    • More intimate ambiance: The warm lights outside at night provide a friendly and intimate feel to the atmosphere. Customers will enjoy the beautiful lights as they spend time in your downtown or at your venue.
    • Security: Having lights on when dark outside also provides an extra sense of security. The lights will help you keep your customers feel secure at night.
    • Increases your visibility: Having a well-lit outdoor area helps make your venue more visible, which can attract more customers.
pavilion specs
pavilion lighting bulbs

About Our Services

Holiday Outdoor Decor provides outdoor lighting and decoration services to help brighten commercial spaces during events and holidays. Our services include everything from design consultation services to installation and beyond.

We work to ensure the design you want for your lights is perfect before we install them. After installing your pavilion light fixtures, we'll provide maintenance services to keep them in optimal condition throughout the year. If you need your lights taken down, we'll also remove them and store your lights in a safe storage area until the next time you want them up.

Outdoor Street & Pavilion Lighting Markets

  • Municipalities​
  • Golf Clubs​
  • Vineyards​
  • Outdoor Entertainment Venues
  • Amusement Parks
  • Zoos​
  • Outdoor Shopping Centers​
  • Restaurants

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When you want to install outdoor pavilion lighting, Holiday Outdoor Decor is here to help. You can count on us to install quality pavilion lighting for your business or commercial space.

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