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What Lamps Do You Recommend For A Nostalgic Look?

Available in C-7 and C-9, our Ceramic LED Lamps (also referred to as bulbs) produce a fuller glow within the bulb for a more nostalgic look. As we explained in our Blog article, How much energy do LED bulbs save? LED bulbs are highly energy efficient, emit very little heat, and use at least 75% less energy, often lasting up to 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. And, besides energy savings, they’re easy to replace and are more vibrant than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Arch of 9 christmas colors all different colors and lit up

Another option is the Faceted LED Lamp, also available in C-7 and C-9. This type of bulb tends to “disperse” the light. As a result, even though they have the same number of LEDs per base, they appear slightly brighter than the smoother surface of the ceramic light bulb.

10 christmas lights in a row all lit up

Interested in an icicle or snowfall effect?

Holiday Outdoor Decor also carries LED Snowfall Tubes and LED Icicle Lighting. Our snowfall tubes are available in warm or cool white, blue, red, pink and amber colors. And, while our individual icicle bulbs contain 7 LED diodes, it’s our cascading icicle bulbs that contain 8 LEDs (5-inch length) and 16 LEDs (7- and 9-inch lengths) that create a more realistic, moving effect.

If the more traditional Incandescent Lamp is what you prefer, our C-7 and C-9 commercial 130v long-life, 3,000 hour-rated lamps save time and money on re-lamping. The brass base is resistant to corrosion. And they’re available in super-bright, transparent colors as well as ceramic-coated, opaque colors.

List of transparent christmas lights and a list of ceramic christmas lights. There are 9 colors

For a more nostalgic or traditional look to your next holiday decoration or display, Holiday Outdoor Decor carries all types of lights for any occasion and application. 

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