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Banner Brackets

Banner brackets are essential hardware used for displaying banners on your light poles. Our RODFLEX brackets provide sturdy support and stability for banners, ensuring they remain securely in place and keeps your banners looking brand new. Constructed from cast aluminum and fiberglass, our banner bracket kits come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different banner sizes.

We have Deluxe and Junior Bracket sets. Deluxe brackets are designed for larger and thicker diameter poles. Our Junior Bracket sets are designed for elegant and slender poles.

Each set includes, 2 cast aluminum brackets, 4 stainless steel bands, 2 fiberglass arms, 2 safety pins and 2 tie wires.
We also can provide replacement or individual components when needed.

Contact your Design Consultant today to learn which bracket set is right for your needs.

Click the links below to view our bracket installation instructions.

Banner Mounting Hardware
Banner Grommet
Banner Hardware Zip Tie
Banner Mounting Hardware
Watch the video below for a step by step process to successfully install your banners and bracket kits.

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