Hardware and Miscellaneous

LED Lighting

 Hardware and Miscellaneous

Weatherproof Boxes for Light Controller

Lighting Hardware Weatherproof Box
  • Small - 10"L - 5"W - 3 ½"H
  • Medium - 12"L - 7 1/2"W - 4"H
  • Large - 15"L - 11"W - 5"H

Light Controller

Lighting Hardware Lite Control Box
  • 10 Channel Controller, 3 Operating Modes
  • Chase - Back & Forth - Random
  • Program up to 6 channels - 10 Amps

Perimeter Lighting Clips

Lighting Hardware Perimeter Lite Clips

Recommended for commercial installations, clips can be glued or screwed to surface. Black UV clip won’t dry out & break, after exposure to sun. Can stay up all year. Used with a 4" Cable Tie

Nylon Cable Ties

Used to secure perimeter light clips to sockets.

Used to secure lights & decorations.

18 lb. Test - 4" & 8" Black, UV Treated
40 lb. Test - 8" Black, UV Treated

Eagle Rubber Plug

Lighting Hardware Eagle Rubber Plug
  • Female Black
  • Male Black

Washers and O Rings

Lighting Hardware Washers
  • C7 Flat rubber
  • C9 Flat rubber
  • Medium Base O Ring

Plugs - Quick Connect SPT1

Lighting Hardware Plugs
  • Female Green
  • Male Green

Bakelite Twist On Sockets

Lighting Hardware Bakelite Twist on Sockets
  • C7 Black
  • C9 Black
  • Medium Base Black

Lamp Sockets

Lighting Hardware Lamp Sockets
  • Snap on Sockets
  • C7 Green or White
  • C9 Green or White

C-Clips for Lightlines

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