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As you know the shipping crisis going on in Asia continues to impact us and everyone in the Christmas industry. The COVID Pandemic, and its economic impact, continue to cause problems in Asia and all over the world. Consumer demand is outpacing manufacturing and shipping capacity. Unfortunately, Christmas lighting and decorations is not immune to these issues. This year production is behind due to raw material issues, COVID stoppages, labor shortages and port shutdowns.

Shipping product from Asia to the US has been the most we have seen in all our years in business.  Shipping costs have skyrocketed, along with the combination of no containers, lack of vessel space, port congestion in Asia and US, massive rail congestion and embargos and shortages of transportation equipment and drivers. In the past 5 years we could expect to pay $5,000 - $6,000 per 40’ container. This year the rates have jumped to $25,000 to $30,000 per container and continues to rise.  Even with the rising costs, we still are not guaranteed space on the vessel or shorter transit time.

We are not alone; these are issues facing all importing from Asia and around the globe.  Holiday Outdoor Decor is determined to overcome these obstacles in an effort to get your product to you as timely as possible.   Unfortunately, all these issues have significantly increased our costs and we have no choice but to pass along some of these unexpected costs to our customers. You can expect to see a 5% surcharge added on all orders placed after 1/1/22.

This was not a decision that was made lightly, but the reality is that the transit cost increases are too high for us to absorb alone. Our team will continue to work hand to get through this unprecedented event.

Please reach out to us with all questions or concerns.



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